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A reliable social partner

We ensure sustainable employment

Together with our socially conscious partners, we help motivated and enterprising young people find a sustainable job in road construction. 

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Young talent & The Great Connection: building (y)our future together

Young talent doesn't always find the individual support it needs. It is therefore often labelled 'not ready for work'.


We at Connecting Antwerp take a different view. These youths do have talent, but need a different approach to reach their goals. Social partners like yourself help them achieve this every single day.


The City of Antwerp, PROFO and VDAB feel that there is a greater need for opportunities to accommodate young people who want to roll up their sleeves. Introducing Connecting Antwerp.

Blue-collar workers

Professional guidance

Antwerp youths aged 18-30 not only get the chance to familiarise themselves with the wide range of opportunities offered by road construction, they also receive professional guidance. In this way, we ensure sustainable employment.


The PROFO job coaches take their time to assist each young person within Connecting Antwerp, using their unique expertise. They monitor young people long-term and coordinate with employers. They connect a sector full of opportunities on one side and young talent in need of guidance on the other. 


Helping build (the future of) your own city, getting paid well and being guided to personal success? No doubt: it's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get ahead.

From plan to reality

What can you do? Easy: you can register your company for free, after which you will receive an information package. This way you can correctly guide young people you consider suitable. It goes without saying that our service is completely free of charge to you.


Contact one of our colleagues today. They will be happy to explain you all the details.

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Our team

Meet our project leaders, who provide professional guidance every single day.

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